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Exploration Of Sustainable Action

From sea, land, sky and human life,

Cotton planting and existence is to give a natural, pollution-free environment back to the world.


Exploration Of Sustainable Action

Don'T Make Difficult Environment For Marine Life.
Don'T Make Difficult Environment For Marine Life.

How do we reduce marine plastic litter?

Cotton, biodegradable in 6 months,

Born in nature, return to nature.

Don't Increase The Possibility Of Desertification

How could we save the land from desertification?

Cotton is drought and saline-alkali tolerant,

Turn barren land into an arable oasis.


Don't Let The Blue Sky Disappear

What the sky color will be in children's eyes in the future?

Cotton absorbs carbon dioxide, releases oxygen,

Cotton nonwoven fabric products make lower carbon life.

Cotton Born For Sustainability

The cultivation and existence of cotton,

Is to give the world a natural, pollution-free environment,

The future is what it is.

10 years' Environmental Contribution Of Purcotton


We have purchased nearly 100,000 tons of cotton fiber.

Million Items

More than 13 million cotton clothing and bed products were sold to reduce the pollution caused by the processing and production of the same amount of chemical fiber products.

Billion Pcs

As many as 21.5 billion cotton spunlace nonwoven tissue were sold.


That's the equivalent of saving 780,000 trees.

Million Pcs

A total of 6.8 million non-woven packaging bags were used, avoiding the use of the same amount of plastic bags.

10 years' Environmental Contribution Of Purcotton

(Remark: Purcotton is the one of the top brand of China pregnancy and baby care industrial, and the subsidiary of Winner Medical. )

Care for Health, Care for Life, Making a Better Life.

Winner Medical believes that comfortable, healthy, and eco-friendly personal care products that are made of cotton can replace chemical fiber products to a better life: reduce the damage to the skin, reduce the pollution to the environment.


With the increasing consumers demand for cotton, more and more of the gobi and desert, salinization, and half salinization land to plant cotton, these efforts have been improved the earth's environment. To achieve customers, consumers, and environmental benefits of a triple-win situation, it is the every Winner member has been striving to run for. Winner Medical will keep continuously develop safe and eco cotton-based personal care products, to help our customers'  brand sales increased and occupy more markets share in the industry.


Care for Health, Care for Life, Making a Better Life.
Consumers buy more cotton products
Earth ecology is restored.
More land and trees are treated and protected.
More cotton products replace chemical fiber.
More land for growing cotton
Cotton farmers' income will be higher
Cotton products become more utilized and popular.
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