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Collection to specify all products not offered by Corso. This collection or one like it should be used to exclude Shipping and Environmental protection items from your online store. To prevent the Corso shipping protection and carbon protection items from showing up on your store, use the query here in this collection. If you don't have an "all" collection set up, you can use this one directly (make sure to update this description!). Otherwise, copy the approach taken here to exclude the Corso products from other collections you have in your store.

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Cotton Tissues (L)Cotton Tissues (L)
Cotton Tissues (L) Sale priceFrom £5.99
Disposable Underwear for WomanDisposable Underwear for Woman
Nice Princess Menstrual PantsNice Princess Menstrual Pants
Cleansing Towel Portable (200x230mm)Cleansing Towel Portable (200x230mm)
Disposable Underwear for ManDisposable Underwear for Man
Sold outPurcotton Disposable Cotton Bath TowelPurcotton Disposable Cotton Bath Towel
Save £0.51Nice Princess Menstrual Pants Bundle (M-L)Nice Princess Menstrual Pants Bundle (M-L)
Nice Princess Menstrual Pants Bundle (M-L) Sale price£8.49 Regular price£9.00
Portable Toilet Wet TissuePortable Toilet Wet Tissue
Sold outPurcotton Disposable Toilet SeatPurcotton Disposable Toilet Seat
Portable Moisturising Soft Tissues (25pc)Portable Moisturising Soft Tissues (25pc)
Soft Facial Tissue (70 Sheets)Soft Facial Tissue (70 Sheets)
Pocket TissuePocket Tissue
Pocket Tissue Sale price£3.50
Compressed TowelCompressed Towel
Compressed Towel Sale price£5.00
Extra Soft Cotton TissuesExtra Soft Cotton Tissues
Extra Soft Cotton Tissues Sale priceFrom £7.09
Nice Princess Sanitary Towels 420MMNice Princess Sanitary Towels 420MM
Nice Princess Sanitary Towels 245MMNice Princess Sanitary Towels 245MM
Save £2.01Nice Princess Period Bundle (M-L)Nice Princess Period Bundle (M-L)
Nice Princess Period Bundle (M-L) Sale price£12.99 Regular price£15.00
Sold outPure water toilet wipes 178mmx140mmPure water toilet wipes 178mmx140mm
Sold outPortable Toilet Wet Tissue 1 packPortable Toilet Wet Tissue 1 pack
Sold outLong Staple Cotton Antibacterial TowelLong Staple Cotton Antibacterial Towel
Nice Princess 245mm BundleNice Princess 245mm Bundle
Nice Princess 245mm Bundle Sale price£13.50
Sold outNice Princess Sanitary Towels 290MMNice Princess Sanitary Towels 290MM